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Kim’s Pumpkin Soup (via Heart Spoon)

Kim's Pumpkin Soup Last month’s cooking club was hosted by the lovely Kim, our lone vegetarian. One of my favorite cooking club conversations occurred thanks to her eating habits, (plus a few glasses of wine and some sheer honesty). Bianca: “Kim. To be honest, I didn’t know if I’d like you after I heard we had a vegetarian in the club. But I really do. You are fantastic.” Kim: “Thanks, Bianca. I’m happy I changed your mind.” Appropriately enough, her theme was a ve … Read More

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Eggs Benedict (via )

good memories

Eggs Benedict Ever since trying eggs benedict for the first time at The Broken Yolk, I have wanted to try and make them at home.  I’m not even sure what it was specifically, but it was one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had!  I won’t say that my version was as good, or even close, but it was still fun to try! I saw a recipe online, which include the recipe for the hollandaise sauce, and it called for THREE AND A HALF CUPS OF BUTTER (!!!!!!!!!!).  Granted, yo … Read More


The Chocolatiest Birthday Cake (via Dinner & Dessert)

Gorgeous. Just, gorgeous.

The Chocolatiest Birthday Cake I turned 24 on January 9, and wanted to make a cake to celebrate.  (Yes I made my own :))  I knew it had to be chocolate, and I’ve had my eye on this Chocolate Intensity Cake for a while now.  The Daring Bakers made this cake in February 2007 and gave it rave reviews about how rich it was.  Perfect! I am one of those people who has a high tolerance for rich desserts.  I’ve never had to stop eating something because it is “too rich.”  I remember t … Read More

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Oh, oh gosh, this sounds SO good I just don’t know what to do with myself. 🙂

Oh Sweet Jesus I love this woman and these posts. This is just wonderful. I wish I was there to experience this beautiful moment consumed with hot dog. 🙂 Chimichurri Hot Dog :):) Yum!!

PASSIONFRUIT!!! MY LOVE! Ecuador day 3: Cloud forest and Los Bancos (via a teatray in the sky)

Passionfruit baby. This post has pictures of my favorite, Passionfruit. That is just wonderful and makes my heart delight. 🙂

Ecuador day 3: Cloud forest and Los Bancos the best thing about being your own tour group is you get to choose exactly what you want to do and how much of it.  we spent a bit of the morning birding and left as soon as it started to slow down.  for a serious birder it would probably be considered a slow day, but for us we had a great time spotting feathered fellows, listening for calls, and trying to nab good photos of everything we saw.  after a quiet lunch at an overlook on the Rio Blanc … Read More

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Garden Staircase (via Japanese Photolog)

Wow, I want to live HERE! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL image and it fills my heart with hope!!

Garden Staircase

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