Sunlight in Winter

There are many theories behind what causes chronic pain.  The one that has played the largest role in my own life involves the concept of neuroplasticity– the idea that the brain can change over time, and that in chronic pain sufferers, the brain actually becomes more sensitive to pain.  In this post I will talk about what I have learned about neuroplasticity, as well as some of the other potential causes for chronic pain.

Neuroplasticity, or Practice Makes Perfect

They say practice makes perfect— in scientific terms, this is known as neuroplasticity, or the idea that the nervous system can be molded and changed by different experiences.  The more chances you give your nervous system to perform a task, the better it becomes at it.  In most cases this is a good thing—neuroplasticity allows you to learn how to walk, how to ride a bike, how to play the…

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