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Thank you for stopping by!  My name is Shelby, I started this blog over 18 months ago, with the purpose of overcoming my non-existant sex drive and documenting my pursuit of transforming my sex life and sexuality and inspiring other women to do the same by blogging about my self-proclaimed challenge, The “O” Experiment: 30 Consecutive Days of Orgasms. That lasted about 3 days. I wanted to become this sex deity of sorts with my husband, and I thought that if I tried hard enough, went through “the motions” and became disciplined in it, I could become it– I would have to become the most sex-loving woman in a 50 mile radius, right?

Wrong. It just didn’t work. I knew I needed to like sex, I knew it meant the world to my husband, but it just wasn’t working; no matter what I’d try to muster up or stimulate, I just exasperated myself.

Speed up about a year, I’d finally decided to go to the OBGYN and see what was up, something I was discouraged from doing in my teenage years, and something I’d tried my best to avoid throughout the 2 years of my marriage thus far, but I finally had to face my fears. After telling the OBGYN the last time I’d had a period was almost 4 years prior, and before that it was 18 months, then before that about 14 months, then before that over a year… the lab work had been done and the doctor came back with the conclusion, “Shelby, you have what’s called Premature Ovarian Failure, or what used to be called Premature Menopause, oh, and you have Adrenal Fatigue.”


Premature menopause is exactly like it sounds. Hot flashes, vaginal dryness…all the time, absolutely NO SEX DRIVE, all those hormonal changes that are supposed to happen when your around 45-55… yet they started happening when I was around 14, I just didn’t know that was what was going on, and I didn’t know any different.  In a nutshell- the issue is the brain is going “Hey! Release an egg! Release an egg!” But there’s something that’s causing a disconnect between the brain communicating with the ovaries, and the ovaries getting the message. So the ovaries aren’t releasing an egg but sporadically once every few years, because something is causing a disconnect. The byproducts of this is that my ovaries also aren’t producing the estrogen and progesterone they naturally would be producing if they were able to communicate well, estrogen also helps regulate the calcium in your body which can affect your bone density- hence potential issues with things like osteoporosis.  So according to modern western medicine, I am just doomed with the odds of “There is a 5% chance you will EVER get pregnant naturally, without help.”



I wanted to create this blog











About Shelby and her life:


Ran and completed the AT&T Austin Marathon at age 17, time 3:42:00

Put together on a full blown wedding on 3 weeks of planning

One word: Texans

Wore a pearl-handled revolver on her garter at her wedding

Jumped into a salt water pool at her wedding

Wedding Party Jumping into Pool

Wedding party jumping into pool. With our clothes on.

Derives way too much pleasure from LOLcats, farting humor, and other humor involving talking animals.

Pimp My Ride

Gets me every time.

Went to a school with the word “supernatural” in the title

Made her best friend an honorary citizen of Texas.

Cassie the Texan

She is the most honorary citizen of Texas.

In their first 18 months of marriage Shelby and Jason lived in St. Thomas, in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Austin, Texas, Hollywood, California, and Redding, California.

Shelby and Jason at Cruz Bay, St. John

This was a good day.

Cruz Bay, St. John, United States Virgin Islands

Cruz Bay, St. John. Note: That is not Jason and Shelby in the picture.

Shelby and Jason don’t use shampoo or conditioner to wash their hair.

Shelby and Jason brew their own Kombucha

The “fit model” for Louis Verdad’s Spring 2012 fashion line (google image it)

Jumping with Converses

Did you know Converse made heels?

Shelby loves this man. I mean really LOVES this man. AND that dog.

Man and his dog

Such a beautiful site

This is a blog dedicated to life.  Humor, beauty, interesting unconventional wisdom and various elements of life can be found in everyday life.  So sit back, breathe in, and enjoy the ride. 🙂


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