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Bistro-Style Mustard Vinaigrette (via Aud Monster’s Kitchen)

Beautiful salad, couldn’t resist reposting this beauty!

Bistro-Style Mustard Vinaigrette I don’t typically buy bottled salad dressings. Simple vinaigrettes take only a few minutes to throw together, and even slightly more complicated dressings like ranch or blue cheese are pretty easy. Plus, if you make them yourself you don’t have to worry about excessive sugar or high fructose corn syrup or any other strange ingredients. This recipe originally came from Cook’s Illustrated and is officially called Bistro-Style Mustard Vinaigrette, b … Read More

via Aud Monster’s Kitchen


Kim’s Pumpkin Soup (via Heart Spoon)

Kim's Pumpkin Soup Last month’s cooking club was hosted by the lovely Kim, our lone vegetarian. One of my favorite cooking club conversations occurred thanks to her eating habits, (plus a few glasses of wine and some sheer honesty). Bianca: “Kim. To be honest, I didn’t know if I’d like you after I heard we had a vegetarian in the club. But I really do. You are fantastic.” Kim: “Thanks, Bianca. I’m happy I changed your mind.” Appropriately enough, her theme was a ve … Read More

via Heart Spoon

Carne Asada Tacos (via Quick and Dirty in the Kitchen)

Oh boy, adding it to the list.

Carne Asada Tacos This is a recipe from Cook’s Illustrated – one of the best, if not the best, cooking publication. Cook’s Illustrated focuses a lot on cooking technique and tips, which I love. They also do a lot of what I call “perfecting” recipes. For this recipe, they sought out the best way to prepare traditional Mexican carne asada (literally, roasted or grilled meat) tacos indoors, without the grill. Their method is amazing – the meat is tender, juicy, and p … Read More

via Quick and Dirty in the Kitchen

Deep Dish Pizza Recipe (via 30 Bucks a Week)

I have been wanting to try this recipe since I first stumbled upon it in my cookbook. Now that I see a PICTURE of a finished product I am absolutely ruined! Yum Yum Yuuuummm!!

Deep Dish Pizza Recipe As promised, here is the recipe from Cook’s Illustrated!  I contacted them last night and they promptly replied.  If you don’t have a a subscription and you love to cook, I highly recommend this publication. Chicago Style Deep-Dish Pizza Makes two 9-inch pizzas, serving 4 to 6.   Published January 1, 2010.   From Cook’s Illustrated. Place a damp kitchen towel under the mixer and watch it at all times during kneading to prevent it from wobbling of … Read More

via 30 Bucks a Week