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Paella Recipe | Leite’s Culinaria

Paella Recipe | Leite’s Culinaria.


Hospitality in Zermatt ~ Hot Chocolate (via Colton Graub Photography | © 2011)

This is an absolutely phenomenal vision. Wow wow wow!

Hospitality in Zermatt ~ Hot Chocolate Daily Photo ~ Hospitality in Zermatt – Hot Chocolate After traveling to Zermatt all day the day before, I woke up in Zermatt completely refreshed and ready for a good day of exploring.  This is the view that I saw from my hotel room, of all places.  I took it from a couple of angles along the balcony but it really didn't change the perspective that much and eventually I choose that this one showed the scene how I really experienced it.  For those … Read More

via Colton Graub Photography | © 2011

Church in Florence (via Colton Graub Photography | © 2011)

Just breath taking. Oh Italy!

Church in Florence Daily Photo ~ Church in Florence I seem to be publishing a lot of Europe pictures lately!  This one is from Florence and is of a magnificant church located in the city's heart.  I don't know its name, but it is located next to the museum that houses the famous David sculpture!  The tour guide that was leading us around Europe casually mentioned how you would never expect such a church in Florence, but rather in Rome.  How true that is! … Read More

via Colton Graub Photography | © 2011

Views of Johannesburg from Langeman’s Kop (via )

My favorite part– the different colored roofs 🙂

Views of Johannesburg from Langeman's Kop Finding new bits of one’s home city to explore is always a very rewarding experience. A few days ago I found myself atop Langeman’s Kop, a koppie that rises in the suburb of Kensington, and of which I had never heard until a few days prior when Joburg Photowalkers announced a sunrise walk on the koppie … Read More


Phillipe The Original (via Zestful Lou)

Have to try this place… it’s on my list! Anyone have any other thoughts of obligatory places I need to experience while I’m here in L.A.???

Tell me what you think!

Phillipe The Original I got to cross another “to-do” off my bucket list today.  My bucket list is far too long to share all of it with you right now, but I will share this experience. Travis and I made the short drive into Los Angeles today to eat at Phillipe the Original. It’s an institution here in L.A., serving french dipped sandwiches since 1908. My … Read More

via Zestful Lou